Introducing the Cook-Air Grill

Do you want a perfectly cooked steak or maybe some grilled potatoes but you don’t have enough time to cook? At Petrolea we’ve got the right tool for you, the Cook-Air Grill!

What is Cook-Air Grill?

It is innovative and probably the most powerful and time consuming grill on the market. You simply add some wood chunks or lump charcoal and get ready to cook. In less than 5 minutes the temperature will reach roughly 400°C thanks to its blower system which pushes heat to the cooking surface creating a turbo effect. The Cook-Air delivers great flavours and impeccable results in no time.

All inner parts are made of high quality stainless steel for more durability and strength and to sustain intense heat. Furthermore, no fuel is needed to ignite the grill thus guaranteeing more safety and no flare-ups. Also, the bottom of the Cook-Air remains always cold, therefore you can place the grill on any type of surface, even on plastic tables.

Why should you choose Cook-Air Grill?

The Cook-Air Grill reaches very high cooking temperatures in just a few minutes. It only takes the grill around 4 to 5 minutes to heat up and when you’re done cooking, it is as quick to cool off.

It is simple to use and easy to carry around. All you need is a fist-sized hardwood or our famous Heat Beads® and a fire starter. It is effortlessly cleaned and can be easily stored away ready for your next cook out.

The speed fan allows you to control the temperature while cooking thus, regulating heat control and cook food at its specific required temperature.

Moreover, apart from its exceptional and efficient performance the Cook-Air, is very versatile, making it possible to cook different types of food and allows you also to smoke your food.

What’s Included?

The Cook-Air Grill comes with various accessories including a cigarette lighter adapter for those who would like to take the grill with them on camping trips. Other accessories include; AC adapter, burner brush, carry bag & cooking grid handle.

How does it work?

Once you light up the fire the grill will create an air turbulence and will generate high heat temperatures of over 400°C, producing energy equivalent to 65000 BTU’s.

There are three ways how you can make use of the Cook-Air Grill.

“D” Alkaline Batteries – Once the batteries are installed the grill becomes totally mobile and will produce up to 20 hours of usage on high speeds.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter – Simply plug it into your car, camper or boat or and 12-volt energy source and you’re ready to start cooking.

AC Adapter – This method will extend battery life and can be used anywhere with electricity access.

So, if it’s a gorgeous day and you would like to have a cook out but you had no time to prepare food for all the family and have no time to cook then the Cook-Air Grill is the perfect solution for you. Food will be cooked to perfection in no time and you can enjoy your day with your family. For more information you can also click here for a video preview.

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