6 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is usually the most disregarded room around your home with regards to décor. Many people leave their bathrooms plain, with just the basics, when in reality leaving your bathroom undecorated will lack comfort and cleanliness. Below you may find the 6 must-have bathroom accessories we believe are always needed for a cleaner environment.

  1. Soap Dispensers & Dishes

A soap holder or a soap dispenser are a must in every bathroom! They come in various shapes, styles and colors to match any bathroom style. Usually placed next to wash basins for easier access to hand soap, or in shower rooms. With wall hung soap dispensers & dishes, your wash basin will be free from any soap residue.

  1. Toothbrush Holders

Although you may not find toothbrush holders in each and every bathroom, they are essential if you prefer having a more organised bathroom. Typically, the first thing we do in the morning is brush our teeth, and the last thing you want, during the morning rush, is to keep searching for your brush or toothpaste. Thanks to the toothbrush holder you can keep your brushes clean and have all the dental essentials in one place.

  1. Linen & Laundry Baskets

If you are a numerous family you will have plenty of dirty clothes which accumulate all around your home, therefore investing in a laundry basket is a necessity. Just place a laundry basket in your bathroom and every time one takes a shower the dirty clothes are thrown into it keeping the room tidy at all times. On the other hand linen baskets are the perfect way how you can store fresh, clean towels and other bathroom linen. The laundry and linen baskets will complement the room and will add that little touch of color and flair to your bathroom.

  1. Bath Mats

Forget using old rags and towels! A stylish bath mat can give a more chic look to your bathroom floors. Soaking up splashed water left after a bath can be done effortlessly. Bath mats come in various shapes and different materials, for instance some are made from polyester, nylon, rubber and other materials. Each material comes with its own characteristics from absorbency to slip resistance and durability.

  1. Storage Baskets & Cabinets

Remember, the top most important thing when it comes to home décor, particularly your bathrooms, is to get rid of clutter! Only display the stylish and attractive pieces, and put unsightly items out of view. Place your personal items inside cabinets or storage baskets, the perfect solution for loose items and knick-knacks such as hair pins and tweezers that often find themselves scattered across the bathroom – or worse, lost. A few well-chosen items can enhance your space, and create a clutter-free hotel look.

  1. Bathroom Bins

A bathroom bin is a requisite! Whether it has a lid or doesn’t a bathroom bin is a must-have accessory. Bins will keep your bathroom more hygienic by discarding sanitary waste in a safe manner. Also, instead of just one bin why not have 2? It is important at this day and age that we recycle as much as we can, and we can start by doing so in the bathroom by recycling plastic bottles.

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