Be Home Ready with Foppapedretti

Having provided top quality products in Malta for a number of years, including kitchenware and bakeware from the brand Pyrex, we at Petrolea make it a point to support only the best brands out there. And it’s no different when it comes to everyday home accessories! One of the previously-mentioned brands is none other than Foppapedretti, an Italian company renowned for practicality, functionality and exquisite design. Have a look below to find out some of the products we supply here at Petrolea.  

1. Laundry Accessories 

Bid farewell to creases and wrinkles with Foppapedretti’s Stretching Ironing Board, available in different colour variations and made of solid beech wood and aluminium. Stable and functional, when closed the takes up very little space. Small and practical the Fan Wall Dryer is perfect for the little things. Ideal over a bathtub to drip-dry clothes or over a radiator heater for items to dry faster. Nowhere to hang? Thanks to the Allungo Clothes Airer you will never again face that dilemma. It has ample space for a full load with over 30m of hanging space. All your laundry including sheets and towels are not a problem either as they will fit comfortably too. The best part is that when closed it takes only 19cm of space. 

2. Kitchen Accessories 

Compact and multi-functional, the Servi-Tu Trolley Table keeps your kitchen neat and tidy, with three convenient shelves each equipped with useful tools and equipment, including a removable chopping board and a metal rack for condiments and bottles. Want to treat your guests? Serve them breakfast in bed on the Morfeo Tray, a sturdy and spacious surface equipped with foldaway supports and a frame made of varnished solid beechwood. Finally, we can’t resist mentioning the Service Food Trolley, handy in any kitchen, dining area or office. This stylish trolley will suit modern and classic decor. Ideal for serving food and drinks. Has a special place that holds bottles and glasses and remains standing even when closed. 

3. Ladders and Storage 

The vertically challenged among us will surely appreciate the La Scala 4-Step Ladder; solid, secure and designed to take up little space, it comes complete with a protection barrier and a practical tool compartment. Live out your Carrie Bradshaw fantasies with the Scar-Puli Shoe Rack, made with double doors and a perforated rear panel to ensure ventilation. Be the perfect host with the Espansiva Coat Stand, equipped with 8 knobs for hanging jackets and coats but also has a foldaway hanger bar which extends easily up to 80 centimetres giving ample more hanging space.  To know more about all the Foppapedretti products you can find here at Petrolea, contact us today or have a look at our online catalogue. The online catalogue also features our array range of Pyrex products, garden furniture and the vast range of kitchen accessories we offer, the best household goods in Malta.