Did Anyone Say Dessert

Ah dessert, the perfect end to a meal or even as a teatime treat! Our team at Petrolea understands the need to indulge in sweet treats, especially on special occasions, which is why we’ve stocked the right kitchen accessories to create and display your sweet culinary creations. Below you may find a few kitchen accessories and equipment:

  • 3-Tier Cake Stand

Showcase your freshly-baked goods and give your guests something to long for, while eating your main course. At Petrolea we stock different cake stands of different sizes and different materials, making sure that all customer’s needs are satisfied. The 3-tier cake stand can be used as a centerpiece at the dinner table, adding style to your tableware. Furthermore, this versatile cake stand is suitable for various occasions; whether serving muffins for an afternoon tea catch-up or serving baked Alaska as a fancy after-dinner treat.

  • Muffin Trays

And while we’re on the subject of muffins, we simply can’t resist bringing up our ultra-stylish, functional & modern collection of muffin bakeware.

Our Deep Muffin Tray holds a capacity of 11 cakes in total. It is made out of thick food-grade silicone which provides durability and flexibility. Ideal for baking puddings, pies and cakes as well as muffins, it’s also available in different colours.

The 12-Cup Non Stick Muffin Tray is a product from the Asimetria range from the renowned brand Pyrex, known for their innovative design and functionality. This tray ensures a comfortable grip and safety of use, thanks to extra-wide ergonomic grip handles and a small support handle. With new additions to the range such as a magic cake tray and a heart-shaped cake pan, you’ll be serving up creations that almost look too good to eat!

  • Fondue Sets

Whether for cheese or chocolate fondue (French for ‘melted’), this communal pot is great for dipping food into and makes a great centerpiece for parties and casual gatherings. We have a great choice of both standard as well as decked-out fondue sets for you to feast your eyes, and stomachs, on! Every model in our selection is the perfect addition to your otherwise bare dinner table. If that weren’t enough, the ‘Fondue King’ fondue set is also suitable for preparing entrees and slow-cooked meals, such as meat stew or broth, and keeps your food warm for longer periods of time.

So if you want to step up your entertaining game, visit our showroom in Msida, where you can choose from a wide selection of items and pieces. Whether you’re looking for the above bakeware or other kitchen accessories we offer everything from Pyrex to the niftiest gadgets, the best you can find in Malta, taking your event to the next level!

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