Gas vs Charcoal… You Decide!

One, two, three, four… we declare a flame war! The popular debate as to which BBQ you should choose, whether it is gas or charcoal, can often become heated, so to speak. At Petrolea we provide all kinds of BBQs so we would like to wave the white flag by breaking down the benefits of both below and leave it up to you to decide!

  • Taste

Food grilled over a charcoal BBQ usually has a distinct smoky flavor as a result of drippings, from the vaporizing meat, as they hit the charcoal underneath. Some of these vapors then condense and penetrate into the meat, saturating it with a delicious smoky taste.

You can still achieve the same flavor when using a gas BBQ, all you need are wood chips that have been properly saturated in water. When left on the grill to burn, they will slowly release smoke which will then penetrate the meat in the same way that the fumes from the charcoal do. With time and experience, you’ll find that different kinds of wood produce different aromas and tastes.

  • Grilling

This is purely subjective, and really depends on how you want to cook the food and how soon you need to have the meal ready. Gas BBQs only take a few minutes to preheat and are easy to light; since you have the option to adjust the heat settings accordingly throughout, you can make sure that everything is cooked to perfection.

Charcoal, on the other hand, takes up more time and attention, so it’s best used during a long, lazy summer afternoon or evening. Meat sears quickly due to the white-hot, dry heat that charcoal provides ending up with a caramelized, crusty exterior when cooked.

  • Convenience

Although it can depend on the model purchased, gas grills tend to be quick and easy to clean after cooking is over. Additionally, it doesn’t take long to replace the gas container if the fuel runs out; at most, just a few minutes. You can also raise or lower temperatures to your own preference, and configure the settings for multi-zone or indirect cooking.

Despite the above, hobbyists and the majority of hard-core grillers swear by charcoal and they might have a point. Given enough time and practice, charcoal BBQs really aren’t that complicated to use, and there’s a certain kind of thrill you get from conquering the unruliness of hot coals and getting a delicious meal out of them – watery eyes and smoky nostrils be damned!

If you’re looking for a gas or charcoal BBQ in Malta, contact Petrolea for more information about our products. Don’t forget to ask about our range of Heat Beads for high-quality, safe and durable BBQ briquettes. And if you want to decorate your outdoor space for all those outdoor BBQ summer events, we also offer a beautiful variety of garden furniture in Malta!