Hosting an Afternoon Tea Party

Tea party… two words which typically conjure up mental images of lace doilies and elderly British women sipping on tea in floral-patterned cups. Yet, despite the posh and stiff associations we have about afternoon teas, they can be as casual as you want them to be! And with the onset of winter’s cold weather, there’s no better time to bring those kettles and tea sets out. As leading providers of home and kitchen accessories in Malta, our team has prepared some tricks for hosting a great tea party. Let’s get brewing!

To Theme or Not To Theme

Whether it’s a special occasion you’re celebrating, such as a birthday, baby shower, or simply a casual catch-up with your besties, themed parties are always fun. One of the most popular themes for tea parties is ‘Alice in Wonderland’, for which you can ask your guests to come in eccentric clothes and hats. Either way, be sure to set the tone of the party when sending out invites so people know how fancy, casual or crazy to come dressed.


Offer an assortment of dips, mini wraps and sandwich squares with different fillings. Since teatime snacks often consist of easy-to-eat finger foods, your guests don’t necessarily need to be seated at the same time. Therefore, you needn’t worry about providing a proper table setting for each guest. At Petrolea you may find various appetizer sets, bowls and plates on which you can present your little bites.


A tea party without sweet bites is simply not a tea party at all. Bake your own scones, muffins, rock buns and brownies or get rid of the hassle and hire a catering company and make a statement with their innovative and creatively-delicious creations. Sweets are usually left for the end of the party, but you may still prepare everything before hand and cover it up in one of our cake stands.


Have several teapots with a variety of teabags and brewed teas for your guests to pick from. You’ll also want to serve sugar cubes and lemon slices, so they can prepare their tea to their personal preference. However, although it’s a tea party you’re hosting, there’s no reason you shouldn’t also serve coffee, hot chocolate and perhaps even a few cocktails! Our kettles come in all shapes and sizes!

From kettles, tea pots and coffee press to tiered cake stands to display all your wonderful creations, we stock various kitchen and dining accessories and everything you need to host the perfect tea party! Come over to our showroom in Msida Malta and get planning!