Multiple Uses of Kilner Jars

Since the 1840’s, when John Kilner invented his first jar, the iconic Kilner jar, better known as, the mason jar, has seen us preserving jams and preparing marmalade to becoming a stylish accessory around the house. Our team at Petrolea, the leading provider of kitchen accessories in Malta, shares some nifty and creative ways of using these retro jars at home!

  • Mini Greenhouses

If you are passionate about nature and gardening but have limited space for it, these jars can act as micro greenhouses inside the home, adding colour and texture (with the use of twigs and pebbles) to the space they occupy. Alternatively, create a herb garden in your kitchen, it really is as simple as potting soil and herbs inside mason jars.

  • Breakfast with a Twist

From salads to trifles, almost any single-serving meal can be put into a mason jar; in fact, lots of cafes nowadays are using them. For a breakfast with a twist, make adorable chia seed puddings or pot some fruit, add fresh cream and serve inside these cute jars.

  • Vases

What better way to display that small bouquet of flowers you received in a Kilner jar? Add a bit of water and there you have it.

  • Light Fixtures

Simply drill a hole through the Kilner’s lid, secure it into place and screw the jar around the bulb!

  • Candle Holder

Pop some tea lights inside your jar, they will create gorgeous soft lighting and a modern ambience once lit!

  • Food Storage

Who said your Kilner jars should only serve a functional purpose? Give them a decorative purpose by displaying raw coloured pasta, marshmallows, sweets, pickled eggs, lentils… the list is endless!

  • Desk Stationery

Place all your kids’ pencils, pens, watercolour brushes, whatever it may be into a mason jar, and keep everything compact and tidy.

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