Preparing a Stress-Free Group Meal

Hosting is great but it is also very stressful, especially when preparing for a larger group than what you’re used to. Dinner parties can induce anxiety, and the host often ends up slaving away and not enjoying the dinner they worked so hard to prepare. Keep the evening smooth-sailing and fuss-free and enjoy quality time with your loved ones thanks to some amazing products from Petrolea, leading providers of kitchen accessories in Malta.

Use Multi-tiered Serving Platters

Serve a platter or some appetisers prepared ahead of time to keep your guests occupied, and their stomachs satisfied, while you heat the mains up. Apart from making for a cute centrepiece and display for dessert and savoury treats, using multi-tiered stands will make space for other things on your table, not to mention save you the hassle of having to constantly serve individual items to individual guests.

Trolleys & Buffet Servers

The Sprint and the Service wooden trolleys offer convenience as they enable you to place everything onto them and wheel them through the dining room, preventing you from having to walk back and forth between the kitchen and your guests, two plates at a time. Once the party is over, they can easily be closed and folded to maximise space.

Everyone who has ever hosted knows the concern caused by guests showing up at different times and not knowing when to start warming up the food. The expertly-crafted Hostess Buffet Server takes away some of this hosting stress, it allows you to prepare food in advance and then keep it at the perfect temperature until it’s time to eat. It comes with a heated compartment to help keep your dishes warm, as well as a neon light to indicate when it is heated. Similarly, with the help from the Connoisseur, which also has a heated shelf and heated top compartment, you can easily access each individual dish through its drop-down door.

Cook in Batches

One of the best ways of reducing the stress of hosting is by preparing food that can be made in big batches; such as soup, stew, or pie. Rather than searing steaks individually for each person and worrying about them getting cold by the time the last one is done, prepare and serve your delicious creations in our range of Pyrex Dishes, which are perfect for very high temperatures and uniform heat distribution. The handles allow you to safely transfer the dish from the oven immediately onto the table.

With the right preparation, equipment and serving accessories, hosting a dinner party for a larger crowd should be a breeze. If you’re looking for the best kitchenware for easy cooking, bakeware or serving trays and trolleys, Petrolea has it all. Come over to our showroom and browse through our stock of the highest quality furniture pieces and kitchen accessories Malta has to offer.  

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