Selecting the right Garden Furniture

It’s that time of the year again; warm winds, bright sunshine and clear skies! We’re sure that many of you are planning to spruce up your outdoor space and get it ready for the next few months. Our team at Petrolea would like to share some tips you should keep in mind when shopping around for garden furniture in Malta.

  • Always consider the weather

Malta’s summers tend to be quite harsh, which is why choosing durable outdoor furniture is of utmost importance. Pieces of low quality will not only become brittle over a short period of time, but could also fade. Look for furniture that can withstand strong winds and high levels of moisture, and check whether the wooden items are capable of standing up to high temperatures without breaking apart and splintering.

  • Comfort is key

Recliners and deckchairs are great for relaxing and spending some quiet time outdoors after a hard day at work, you can even work on your tan! It’s a must that you try out any chairs or seating furniture before making a purchase to see if they are comfortable. When choosing pillows or cushions for your chairs and benches, go for chubbier, thicker ones rather than the flat shaped cushions. Always examine the filler material of the cushions too; if they feel light and springy, there’s more of a chance that they can resist moisture and will dry out quickly during damp or humid weather.

During cooler months, make sure to store any pillows and wooden furniture away carefully to preserve their quality for the following year.

  • Tailor the furniture to your lifestyle

Are you a lazy lounger or a party animal Your outdoor space should be a reflection of your personality. If you enjoy entertaining, invest in a good BBQ and matching set of utensils and a stylish set of table and chairs. For those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle could perhaps place a comfortable swing set as a functional and stylish feature piece. A colorful sun lounger coated with UV protection and water-resistant material would be a great addition too.

Bonus Tip…

Remember that apart from a great variety of garden furniture, we also stock a selection of kitchen accessories and cookware from the world-renowned brand Pyrex, perfect for your outdoor kitchenette, as well as various cutlery and dining sets suitable for the outdoors. So what are you waiting for Contact us today for more information about our products, or come over and visit our showroom in Valley Road Msida.

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