Table Setting Guide

Modern life is usually fast-paced for most of us, to the extent that the art of setting a table properly is one that’s usually left for special events. Having provided the best kitchenware in Malta for a considerable number of years, here at Petrolea we like to think that we know a little something about table setting so we have prepare a simple guide one can easily follow!

Everyday Table Setting

This format is ideal for daily family gatherings or a casual meal with friends.

  • The dinner plate should be placed in the centre, upon a placemat.
  • On the left side of the plate, fold and lay the napkin next to where the fork will go.
  • As for the positioning of the cutlery, the fork should be to the left of the plate, the knife to the right, and the spoon should be placed next to the knife.
  • Above the fork, place the bread and butter plate with the butter knife.
  • On the right-hand side of the plate, above the spoon, place the water glass.

Casual Table Setting

  • Want to make your guests feel valued without being too fancy? This is the best table setting to use.
  • The dinner plate and placemat should be in the centre. Place the soup bowl or salad plate on top.
  • To the left of the plate, place both the salad and dinner fork, with the latter closest to the plate itself. To the right, place the knife and soup spoon, leaving the spoon to the right of the knife.
  • The napkin should be folded and place either on top of the salad plate or to the left of the forks.
  • As for the glassware, place the wine glass on top of the knife and spoon – to the right of this, place the water glass.

Formal Table Setting

Elegant and lavish dinner meals usually follow the three course format, which means that the table setting is much more detailed and heavily equipped.

  • The dinner plate, charger plate and soup bowl and should be stacked on top of each other in that order.
  • The cutlery should be placed according to which course is being served first, i.e. in order of use. The knives and spoons go to the right of the plate, and the forks to the left.
  • The cake fork or dessert / ice-cream spoons should be placed above the dinner plate.
  • Wine glasses should be set from left to right following this order: white, red, champagne.
  • Place the bread knife on top of the bread dish, and position them above the forks.

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