Tips for Perfect Tagine Dishes

Cooking in tagines has never been easier thanks to Mason Cash! Tagines create delicious, healthy and succulent dishes which are rich in vitamin and natural flavors. Cooking in tagines has been practiced in North Africa for ages and is mostly synonymous with the Moroccan culture. The terracotta tagine is designed purposely to soak in flavor and improving the meals’ flavor every time it is used. We have prepared some tips to perfect your tagine skills. 

6 Useful Tips to Create a Perfect Tagine Dish

  1. It is important to soak the Mason Cash tagine in water before you start cooking. This intensifies the flavor and makes the food even more succulent.  
  2. Don’t be scared to use oil in your tagine. If you are very cautious you could end up with scorched ingredients. 
  3. Tagines are designed with a cone-shaped top, meaning that water is condensed into steam and is retained in the dish. So, if you are not careful enough with your liquid measures, the dish may become quite watery. But don’t worry if you have added too much water, you can always reduce the liquids in the end. 
  4. It may be tempting, but try not to lift the lid while cooking. Only lift the lid when you are adding ingredients or to check if there is any extra liquid at the end of the stipulated cooking time. 
  5. Good tagines come to those who wait. This cooking process takes time, with lamb and beef dishes taking up to 4 hours of cooking, so try not to compromise with timings given in recipes as food won’t taste as delicious as they should be. 
  6. To make life easier the tagine can also be used as a serving dish, just place on a heat resistant mat and let everyone enjoy this delicacy.


For a foolproof meal, put the ingredients in this order:       

  1. Place the onions into the tagine until the bottom is covered     
  2. Add the spices     
  3. Add the vegetables      
  4. Add your preferred meat      
  5. Pour the necessary amount of water  

Mason Cash tagines can be used both in an oven or on a hob. When cooking on a hob it is important to always use a heat diffuser.

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