Which Glass for Which Drink

During the stifling heat of August, many of us will turn to some liquid comfort to cool ourselves down and revive our spirits. Just as there is a lid for every pot (so to speak), there is a glass for every drink. As top providers of kitchenware and glassware in Malta, we’ve compiled a simple guide of which glass goes with specific drinks.

Sparkling Wine

The perfect glass for drinking champagne or sparkling wine is known as a flute, they are taller and narrower in shape when compared to the regular wine glasses. This is so both the flavor of the alcohol and the carbonation are captured and contained, preventing the drink from losing its sparkle. Durable and resistant, our range of flutes are ideal for both commercial and daily use, as they are made with tough, tempered material that can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.


Summer is the perfect season for the much loved Spritz cocktail. Nothing brings out the sunny appearance and flavor of the Prosecco & Aperol, more than a good old traditional wine glass. Our range of wine glasses is versatile, suitable for all wine or gin-based drinks and cocktails, and are appropriate for both for the catering industry or for residential use.


Get your Don Draper on by indulging in an old-fashioned cocktail or your favorite Bourbon. Whisky drinks are officially served in glass tumblers which come in different shapes and styles, the most common being the “rocks” glass. The latter has a base which is wide and robust, ideal for muddling cocktail ingredients. Choose between our F&D Rocks Whisky Glass, the Sylvana Tumblers or the Carre Tumblers.


Everyone is familiar with the classic, V-shaped Martini glass. Timeless and elegant, its broad surface area allows for a greater exposure to air, making it easier to savor the aromas released by the gin. The steep sides not only support a skewer of olives, but also help to stop the cocktail ingredients from breaking apart. Our V-Line Martini glass is ultra-sophisticated and durable, made of toughened glass and stood on a short, stable base


Host your own Oktoberfest with our array of beer glasses! Whether you’re looking for something more stylish than the norm or a simple and robust design, we’ve got you covered. From tall and lean Pilsner sets to our attractive Teardrop glass, there’s a something for every occasion.

Here at Petrolea we’re proud to offer all of the above among our great selection of glassware and kitchenware. Visit our online shop for a broader idea of what we supply, or contact us for more information about our products and services. Don’t forget to check out our range of BBQs and outdoor grills before the summer is over, as well as our beautiful range of garden furniture!

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