Kleeneze Spray Window Cleaner


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Give all your windows a sparkling, spotless finish with this innovative spray window cleaner from Kleeneze. Featuring a high-performance microfibre pad that locks in dirt and easy-to-use finger trigger operation, the lightweight wiper sprays water directly onto your windows and mirrors as you clean for a thorough cleanse without the need to carry heavy buckets around the house. The microfibre cloth can easily be machine washed, keeping its effectiveness. The durable unit has a compact design for easy storage and a 200 ml water bottle, enough to freshen up your whole home in one go. It is ideal not only for windows but also for tiles, mirrors or clear surfaces.

Material: Rugged Plastic & Microfibre
Capacity: 200ml
Dimensions: 27.50 x 25.50 x 9 cm
Colour: Pink & Grey

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