Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker (MDL02/6 R)

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The Pulcina Coffee Maker, designed by Michele de Lucchi, is a revolutionary Moka pot that combines the technology developed by illycaffè and Alessi’s design experience. Illy has identified the ideal shape that the water boiling chamber should have to prepare the perfect coffee. Thanks to the internal shape of its boiler, Pulcina automatically stops dispensing coffee at the right moment. This eliminates the final filtering stage that creates a burnt and bitter aftertaste and allows to obtain only the best coffee, with a full-bodied and rich aroma.

The spout is well featured and its typical V-shape, which recalls that of a chick’s beak, is defined in such a way as to perfectly stop the drop while pouring. Practical and functional, Pulcina does not require any special precautions to prepare coffee compared to a traditional Moka.

Designed by: Michele de Lucchi

Material: Cast Aluminium
Capacity: 300ml
Serves: 6 Cups
Dimensions: ø 12.20 x 26 cm


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