Stiraemolla Ironing Table White

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The Stiraemolla ironing board folds away inside the cupboard with a minimum footprint, making it easy to place even behind a door when closed. The cupboard is solid yet easy to move around thanks to the special handle, and also suitable for left-handed people. It also comes with 4 scratch-proof castors. The Stiraemolla is practical and functional, it has a shelf to hold the ironing equipment, a removable iron grid with a heat-resistant rubber mat, and a large lower shelf to store the linen. The Stiraemolla ironing cupboard is available in different colours to suit every taste and adapt to any type of furniture.

The ironing board, made in poplar plywood with ventilation holes to avoid condensation when ironing, is lined with a patterned cotton cover with aluminium powder, “La Copertina”, which is resistant to high temperatures, while the 100% polyester padded underlay, “Il Mollettone”, is inserted between the cotton cover, and the ironing board to protect the board from the heat of the iron. Both covers can be purchased separately as a replacement for the surfaces if they become worn over time.

Colour: White
Ironing Board Dimensions: 49 x 101 cm
Open Dimensions: 92 x 64 x 124 cm


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