Lever Corkscrew Horizontal Black

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The Vacu Vin Lever Corkscrew is an elegant corkscrew for every occasion. It’s the wine bottle opener of choice for sommeliers and wine connoisseurs alike. The Lever Corkscrew has a specially designed horizontal frame for a firm grip with a gear and lever mechanism.

After removing the wine bottle foil, open the lever and place the wine opener on the wine bottle by sliding the rubber grips over the neck. Firmly grip the arms to hold the Lever Corkscrew in place and fold the lever downwards to screw into the cork stopper. To remove the cork, move the lever upward.

The Lever Corkscrew is easy to operate and requires little strength to open a bottle of wine without damaging the cork. The corkscrews highly efficient system enables any wine cork, irrespective of length or material, to be extracted in a continuous, smooth, vertical motion.


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