Unbreakable Acrylic Glassware

Do you enjoy having a beer by the beach or a glass of wine but you’re too worried about the glassware you’re using? No need to worry anymore, now you can enjoy your drink using high-quality acrylic glassware without the fear of breaking the glass or harming the environment with cheap plastic. This BPA-free Acrylic glassware is perfect for pool sides, beaches and any outdoor space. Here are a few pointers of why acrylic is the best choice for any of your outdoor activities.

Retains its Gloss

Forget about the old myth that acrylic glassware loses its shine with use. Our range of acrylic glassware can be safely washed in a dishwasher or by hand. All you need to do is place the glassware on the top-rack and wash them on a normal dishwashing cycle, no need for extra high temperatures. And voila! Glossy acrylic glassware for years to come. Acrylic glassware can withstand numerous amounts of washes before showing signs of wear.

Highly Durable

Acrylic glassware will not break easily making them safer and perfect for outdoor events. Their durable material guarantees less spills and breakages than glass. Unlike glassware, acrylic does not shatter when affected by thermal shock, it only creates a hairline fracture which can easily be managed through good care & maintenance.

Looks like Glass

When placed next to each other you will not see any difference between glass and acrylic, you’d have to pick them up to figure out what material it is made from, hence, one can have the full traditional range of glassware but in acrylic. Most places are not allowed by law to have glassware in certain areas like pool sides and private gardens where people are usually barefoot, therefore it is beneficial for hotels and other catering venues to uphold their responsibilities and provide a safe environment for their guests.  

Moreover, when it comes to choosing what type of dinnerware you want for your home and outdoor space, there are endless of materials, sizes, shapes and much more you need to take a decision on. If you are looking for durability and style then one should go for melamine dinnerware which is a very practical alternative to ceramic and porcelain. Melamine is heat-resistant and easy to clean, it is scratch-proof and very difficult to break.  

Whatever your tableware needs are, whether you need unbreakable acrylic glassware for your outdoor space or durable melamine dinnerware for everyday use, you will find everything you need from our Petrolea Showroom in Msida.