Kitchen Essentials at Petrolea

Great kitchens are the by-products of quality form and function. A kitchen’s purpose extends beyond efficient cooking and should provide enjoyment throughout the time spent in it. Together with the aesthetics, priority must be given to the practical side of the kitchen. A number of essentials can elevate the functional level of your kitchen, making your life and day-to-day activities easier. At Petrolea, one will find various kitchen essentials aimed at providing convenience for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Some of these products include…

Carving and chopping boards

These boards make the preparation of food much easier. The different selections provide ideal sizes for various fruits, meats and vegetables. They are practical, allowing those cooking to keep ingredients separate and protect kitchen tops as the chopping takes place. Made with high-quality bamboo material, boards come in different designs with minimalistic concepts, ensuring that they blend well with any kitchen style.

Vegetable cutters

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, where the right amount of vegetables is consumed on a regular basis, the cutters at Petrolea make the preparation fast, easy and convenient. These vegetable cutters help to create delightful and neatly presented dishes. Fruit and vegetables may be cut into spaghetti and spirals, creating delightful and mouth-watering shapes.


Transporting food is made simple with the containers available at Petrolea. They are ideal to keep food items such as meats and cheeses stored well within the desired temperature. This enables one to enjoy fresh food even after a couple of hours of storage. The sizes of the containers are quite ideal, as they take little space from bags and briefcases. Large surfaces and low heights make these containers ideal for refrigeration as once again, they are space efficient. Containers can also be placed in microwaves and freezers, and are compatible with dishwashers for cleaning after use.

Salt and pepper mills

Exceptional cooking needs refined ingredients and quality products, tantalising taste buds and providing lasting enjoyment. Seasoning and spices are important components that influence the deliciousness of a meal. At Petrolea, one finds a wide variety of salt and pepper mills. Different designs can be appreciated, creating fine details on your kitchen table. Some come with clear acrylic windows, enabling one to see the ingredients within. One particular pepper mill range comes in stainless steel and allows effortless grinding, where you can select your preferred finesse. This delivers the pepper just right for every meal, based on one’s preference. Another range allows the grinding of both salt and pepper, with a light gadget at the end to see the food as it is being seasoned. The different choices of salt and pepper mills are just endless.

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