Baby It’s Cold Outside

In the past few days Malta has been hit with a cold snap, with temperatures going down to a staggering temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, and it is believed to continue for a few weeks. Petrolea is here to rescue you from this freezing weather. At Petrolea we offer 3 types of heating solutions, these being, gas, electric and paraffin heaters, let’s take a look at the various models we have available at our stores…  

Gas Heaters 

There are various misconceptions that gas heaters are unhealthy or unsafe, however this is not true. Gas heating systems are quite reliable heaters, environmentally friendly and the best part is that they provide warmer air than other heaters. Most gas tanks also come with a safety feature that reduces the chance of developing a leak. Gas heaters are also inexpensive tokeep and maintain since one gas tank can last for several days beforeneeding  a refill and maintenance is quite cheap. 

Petrolea are the sole agents of Premiere Gas Heaters a renowned premiumbrand, producing top quality heating solutions. We have 3 models of gasheaters, one of which also includes a turbo fan which helps circulate theheat much quicker. All our heaters come with pipe and regulator, a safetyshut-off in case of flame failure and also a carbon monoxide sensor foroxygen safety.

Electric Heaters 

Electrical heaters are convenient, affordable and very easy to use, with just one push of a button your room will feel warmer and cosier. These type of heaters fully convert electrical energy into heat however, the level of warmth of the room all depends on the size of the area, so it is important to always take into consideration where it will be placed. Electrical heaters come in various shapes, sizes and functions. 

1. Radiator Heaters

Super effective in closed rooms, the radiator heaters distribute the heat all around the room. They only take a few minutes to start warm up and then produce a steady flow of heat keeping the room temperature constant at all times. Since they have no uncovered heating elements the radiator heaters are ideal for bedrooms and offices. 

2. Fan Heaters

A better option to convection heating is fan heaters, the latter blow warm air all over the place and therefore heat keeps circulating instead of being elevated towards the ceiling. Fan heaters are cheap to run as they are energy efficient. Generally, they come with two or three heating settings or an adjustable thermostat. 

3. Halogen Heaters

Just like a halogen lamp, halogen heaters radiate heat by infrared lighting, warmth is felt immediately. Halogen heaters warm objects which are in view of them and since they do not directly heat the air in the room, they need to be powered on continuously. Despite this, the room will feel warmer due to the infrared heat. Our halogen heaters have 3 temperature settings, they oscillate for better heat dispersion and have an anti-tip over switch for more safety around the house. It is most suitable for rooms of around 20-25m squared, such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.   

Paraffin Heaters Like gas heaters, these do not require electricity to run. Smaller than a gas heater yet still emit up to 5kWh of heat, depending on the model. Wicks are replaceable therefore one can just replace it and keep using the paraffin heater for years to come. Their main advantage is that they consume low levels of fuel.  

 So if you’re feeling cold, come over to Petrolea showroom in Msida and view our vast range of heaters. And while you’re there, we also have an extensive range of coffee, tea sets and other heating accessories, everything you need to keep you warm this winter