Planning the Perfect Picnic

The unbearable heat has gone and winter is supposedly coming, so what better time to enjoy the outdoors?  As a leading provider of kitchenware and household goods in Malta, we thought we should share some tips on organizing the perfect picnic.

Pack Wisely!

Going on a picnic can be slightly stressful, as you have to think about what you’ll be taking with you and how food and beverages can be stored in order to remain fresh. 

Firstly, consider packing 2 bags, one for tableware and perishable items such as snacks and crisps and another cooler bag for your food and beverage such as cold rice and beer. Pack your cooler bags with ice packs so that food will remain fresh even longer.

  • Our portable food carriers come with polyurethane foam insulation, guaranteeing that food is kept at the adequate temperature. They also feature an external handle which makes it much easier to carry. The container comes with separate compartments to separate your food.
  • We also offer thermo-insulated picnic coolers which keep food and beverages at the right temperature, and are lightweight and portable. One can choose between a 6-can, 12-can and 24-can cooler, depending on the amount of food and drink, and people, you plan on taking with you.
  • If it’s wine or other bottled drinks you want to keep chilled to ensure you can quench your thirst at any time, our bottle cooler will keep drinks cooler for longer, making it ideal for picnics and long days at the beach.       

Avoid Using Single-use Plastic

With regards to tableware, we suggest that single-use plastic products are avoided, due to their huge impact on climate change. Instead, at Petrolea one may find food containers, tumblers, and other tableware made from hard plastics which can be washed and reused for future picnics and outdoor events.

  • Our polypropylene tumbler, for instance, is popular for the outdoors as it is rigid and has a high resistance to breaking and high temperatures. It is also stackable and reusable!
  • For those who love preparing baked food for picnics, we also have a wide range of Pyrex glass dishes which come with plastic lids suitable for storage and can be carried in cooler bags without the risk of spilling.

Tea Time!

Finally, before you head home enjoy a nice cup of hot tea or coffee outdoors, thanks to our variety of flasks and travel mugs. Our travel mugs also feature a push-button which allows you to open or close without removing the lid. 

The Easypouring Liquid Flasks, is one of the most popular flasks from the range as it features a high-quality glass vacuum insulation, providing maximum temperature retention, and comes with cups and handle for more comfort and easier carriage. As the product’s name implies, this flask comes with a single spout which allows you to pour easily without spilling.

Ready to Get Picnicking?

At our Petrolea showroom, we stock a wide range of household and outdoor goods; from glassware and kitchenware to accessories such as wine stoppers and Pyrex bakeware, we provide everything needed for that perfect picnic, BBQ and outdoor activity. For the best range of kitchen accessories Malta has to offer, pop over to Petrolea!

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